• $2,499.99

Like  to introduce you to our Brand New Baja Sport 200 Go Kart!  The Baja Sport 200 is an all new design loaded with tons of exciting features. The Baja Sport 200 boasts a 169cc powerplant with a CVT Automatic Transmission that makes cruising the trails up 34MPH FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! NOT LEGAL IN CA. 49 STATES ONLY.

Big. Bold. Baja! A behemoth of a machine, the Baja Sport 200 is whizzing into 2023 full throttle. Tao Motor’s largest Go Kart, the Baja Sport 200 brings some serious action. With a fully automatic 169cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, the Baja Sport is ready for heavy duty fun. We start with the exterior, sporty and bold, with a more modern approach to the style of the frame.

Seriously durable for serious off-roading, composite body panels along the sides and at the hood allow the Baja Sport to take on any sort of chaos with ease. Dual a-arm suspension in the front provides ultimate handling and a smooth ride. 

Climb in, buckle up, and let the fun begin! The Baja Sport keeps you safe in your Tao Motor branded seat with a four-point safety harness for the driver and passenger. An adjustable driver seat allows for your custom position, whatever your height may be.

Bringing extra gear with you? Load it on the rear cargo rack to keep it secured. Keep your valuables away from the elements by stashing them in the waterproof storage box behind the driver’s seat. Two USB ports on the dash allow you to charge your devices on the go and the digital instrument cluster provides the odometer, speed, and trip time. Giving off high-performance sporty vibes, a flat bottom steering wheel provides for smoother steering. Headlights, taillights, and top light bar are all LED, so visibility remains no matter the time of day. The ultimate vehicle for family fun and muddy adventures, the Baja Sport is ready to be a part of your fleet.


  • Newly Designed Modern Style Frame
  • New Stronger Composite Body Panels Design
  • Cutting Edge Graphics Package
  • New Extra Strength Roll Cage
  • L.E.D. Light Bar
  • L.E.D Headlights and Tail Lights
  • Huge Rear Rack For All Your Gear
  • Cut and Sew Sport Seats


  • Dual Strap Racing Style Safety Harness
  • Dual A-Arms w/ Adjustable Front
  • Dual Adjustable Rear Suspension
  • Ultra Protective Engine Mount & Guard
  • Passenger Handlebar
  • 1.5 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Grease Zerks
  • Adjustable Driver Seat


Engine Type GY6 169cc
Start Type Electric Start
Transmission F N R
Shift Method AUTO
Max Torque 9.3N.m/5500r/min
Cluth Method CVT
Tire Front 19x7-8
Tire Rear 18x9.5-8
Speed Limiter Yes
Battery 12V 9Ah
Fuel tank capacity 1.5 Gallon
Climbing angle ≤20

Front and rear braking method Disk F-R
Vehicle weight Kg 507 lbs. (229 Kgs)
Weight Kg after packing 620 lbs. (281 Kgs)
Max Loading 330 lbs. (150 Kgs)
Ground height mm 4”
Maximum speed 32MPH
Vehicle height (B) 57”
Body length (L) 93.3 inch
Vehicle width mm 59”
Wheelbase (L1) 70.5 inch
Turning radius mm 146”
Fuel tank capacity 1.5 Gallon
Dimensions after packing (mm) 91”×46”×26”

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