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Looking for an ATV, DIRTBIKE, or UTV?

  • We carry ATVs for kids and dirt bikes for adults and kids of all sizes.

Are you looking for an On-Road or Off-Road vehicle?

  • We carry top lines of off-road UTVs.

How many passengers do you need to carry?

  • California 2up ATVs carry 2 people. Most of our ATVs are for only 1 person.

Is shipping available to my address?

  • Yes. Depending on your zip code, it could take up 3-7 days.

How quickly can I expect my product to arrive?

  • Within 3-7 days.

What ATV do you recommend for children?

  • For children 6 years and up, we recommend 50cc to 70cc.

Do you prefer manual or automatic transmission?

  • It depends on which item you're talking about.

What are the differences between a 4x4 or 4x2?

  • The difference is that with a 4x4, you have positive traction; all 4 wheels spin. With a 2x4, only the front wheels have positive traction.

How much load can the vehicle support?

  • What kind of vehicle are we speaking about? ATV, buggy, or street bike?

Is finance or layaway available?

  • Yes, it depends on your FICO score.

Is the 250cc street bike freeway legal?

  • Yes, 90 - 110 MPH.

How long does one tank of gas last?

  • That depends on the gas tank. A 1.5 gallon tank gets approximately 130 MPG.

What does MPG mean?

  • MPG stands for miles per gallon, indicating how far you can travel per gallon of gas.

Do I need a motorcycle license to drive this on the streets?

  • Yes, you need an M1 license or M2 license, according to the local laws of your city or state.

Do you offer extended warranties?

  • Yes, we offer 1, 2, and 3-year warranty plans.