• $16,500.00

The BMS Sniper 1500cc 4-Seater Dune Buggy is one of the Hottest Buggies available in the USA. We could not believe the Amazing Power, Speed, Acceleration and Performance put out by this Buggy. It features an incredibly powerful 1500cc 4-Cylinder liquid-cooled EFI engine and comes fully equipped with a manual 5 Speed Transmission with reverse. Shaft Drive / Differential to get you moving through the roughest terrain. This model also features an Amazing 4-wheel Independent Suspension which really works well to absorb every bump and rock along the way. 4-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Dual Racing Seats with 5-Point Safety Seat Belts, Adjustable Shocks, Full LED Lighting, Electric Power Steering, AM/FM Radio, Full Instrumentation all come equipped on this power buggy. It also comes with a front winch that can handle up to 3000 lbs and a rear trailer hitch that handles 1100 lbs. The BMS 1500cc Sniper T1500 is an EXTREMELY High Performance Machine designed for the Serious off-road enthusiast!

We recommend you to change out coolant with Polaris Antifreeze 50/50 Mixed if you live in cold part of US. Used Polaris 2880513 Brand 

Oil Recommended Royal Purple SAE 5W -30 With SYNERLEC 

Gear Oil 75W -140 Royal Purple 

GAS 91 Premium Unleaded  


Please call for shipping Quote and Assembly Fee.


Pictured below is the radiator and right behind is the water reservoir bottle Please be careful NOT to open the radiator cap when the vehicle is hot, never remove the cap from a radiator or coolant recovery system reservoir when the engine is hot. Adding cold water to a hot engine can crack the engine block. Of course, if the engine is completely cold, you face no risk at all, so get into the habit of checking your coolant level every time before you ride in the morning before you warm up the engine.


Engine Type 1500 Dual Overhead Cam
Cooling System Water Cooled
Horse Power 108.00 HP
Ignition Type Electrical
Starter System Electrical
Engine Oil 10/40W
Lubrication n/a
Transmission 1-2-3-4-5-R Manual
Front Suspension Nitrogen Coil Overs
Rear Suspension Nitrogen Coil Overs
Brake (front/rear) Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc
Overall L × W × H L158 x W76 x H65 in
Ground Clearance 13.00in
Rider Capacity 4 persons
Load Capacity 1,080 lbs
Net Weight 1,490 lbs
Gross Weight 1,490 lbs
Frame Steel
Government Certifications EPA
Warranty 12 month
Age Restriction 18 years or older
Climbing Ability ≥ 15°

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