• $3,499.00

Affordable FUN 300 XRS is the latest addition to the TrailMaster lineup. This awesome offroad buggy is a combination of lightweight, compact size and high horsepower. TrailMaster engineers have taken the reliable 150 frame and transplanted the 300cc power plant at an unbelieveable price. This machine has all of the features of the 150 XRS with the addition of a digital speedometer and odometer. The 300XRS has a top speed of 50 mph and over 17hp.

Ergonomics and Safety

The 300 XRS was designed for teenagers and adults who need more power for the tough terrain and extra get up and go on open dirt. the 300 XRS is roomy with a dash-forward open cockpit design and an additional 3" of leg room compared to the 150. The tilt steering wheel can be adjusted to fit your needs. The seats are wide and have not side bolsters to pinch larger riders. The driver's seat is fully adjustable from 41" to 46" from pedals. The 300XRS comes standard with 5-point race car style seat belt harnesses and headrests. There are tall side rails and top bars making a safe and comfortable buggy.

Precision Handling and Ruggedness

The 300 XRS uses oil filled coil over shocks for a smooth and controlled rebound ride. With an overall ground clearance of almost a foot (min. 6.7" at rear sprocket guard) and large ATV tires, the TrailMaster 300 XRS can get over logs, rocks and traverse shallow creek crossings. The 300 XRS steering geometery is similar to a truck with tall spindles and automotive style ball joints for long-term durability. The front axle is wider than the rear for stability and anti-plow effect (when the superior traction of a locked or live rear axle tends to push the vehicle straight ahead even though the front wheels are turned). The TrailMaster's short wheelbase allows for tight turns to maneuver around trees and obstacles to get you down the trail quickly and safely. This buggy uses all wheel drive hydraulic disc brakes with twin piston master cylinder for excellent stopping power. All wheel bearings are double sealed (like an expensive ATV) in order to keep dirt and water out.

Proven Go-Kart Design

Although a new model, the 300 XRS uses much of the 150 frame and components that have proven to be tough and reliable over the years The engine is of Japanese design utilizing the most advanced technology.

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